My Lovely Life

Hello & Welcome!

My name is Janelle and for awhile now our Wonderful Father has put it on my heart to begin to write again; to write about my walk with Him, my parenting successes and misses, my growth in marriage, our traveling adventures, and my pursuit of the Kindom of God. However, this time I will not hide behind my words or sugar coat what I know I’m being led to write. So, in this place, you will see my life unfold as I walk in the Kindgom and become a matured Son of God.

I get to travel the US with my family following wherever my husbands job leads us, he erects wind turbines (apparently they are not called windmills). We have been from Washington to New York, Idaho to Corpus Christi. He is my best friend, my biggest supporter, and the most handsome man around! We have been blessed with three wonderful kids, our oldest a sweet five year old girl, our second a rambunctious three year old boy, and then the baby of the family (so far) a spunky one year old girl. Then to finish off our sweet bunch we have two St. Bernards!

Welcome to our life!